Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection
Custom Moroccan Rug -  Ansi Beni Ourain Morocco Collection

Custom Moroccan Rug - Ansi

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The Moroccan Large Beni Ourain Area Rug will add a touch of elegance to your décor. It is a stunning piece that embodies the rich cultural heritage of Morocco. It is handcrafted with traditional Berber tribal designs and high-quality materials for a vintage, authentic look. It will make a statement in any room with its unique design of a female/male presented in an asymmetrical lozenge network. 

The Moroccan Tribal Berber Rug features the iconic tribal patterns synonymous with the Beni Ourain tribe. It is an authentic Moroccan rug made of the finest materials that will add a touch of sophistication to any room, adding a sense of cultural identity to your home. 

With a dimension of 390x194cm (12' 10" x 6' 4"), it's the ideal size to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your living room, bedroom, or office. Take your home to the next level with this Large Berber Tribal Rug, bringing a touch of contemporary Moroccan flair to your home. 

Key Features: 

  • It is an authentic Moroccan rug
  • Handmade by Berber artisans
  • A versatile and minimalist look
  • Large area rug (12ft 10in x 6ft 4in)
  • Asymmetrical lozenge network design
  • Vertical bars network design
  • Made of 100% wool
  • Comfortable and durable for high-traffic areas
  • A contemporary and beautiful balance of female/male presence
  • Enhances any interior design style with its versatility

    Characteristic of the nomadic berber tribe, Beni Ourain rugs are one of the most popular Moroccan rug styles that are found around the world, and for good reason. Their natural ivory wool with geometric patterns makes it easy to find a Beni Ourain rug suitable for your home, regardless of your personal interior design style!

    Because a large proportion of our Berber rugs are one-off, unique vintage items, you’ll find that some of them show signs of use. Having been woven for personal use, you should expect some wear and tear or imperfections, but don’t worry! Our items are authentic Moroccan rugs that have been woven to tell the stories of their rich history, and as such your item will come with a beauty and character that can’t possibly be emulated with a mass-produced rug. Even though you might find some signs of use, these will simply add to the incredible story of the piece!

    All of our product images are taken in natural daylight, so that we can portray the rug as closely as possible on screen to how it will look in real life, and the good news is that if you’d like to see a particular item photographed in different lighting, then we can easily arrange this for you! Just send us an email with the item you’re considering, and we’ll get some extra photos for you to help you visualise how it might look once it’s placed in your home.

    Just remember, the items may change in appearance when they’re placed under different artificial lighting, so play around with the light in your home to find out which space best fits your rug.

    Our Moroccan Berber vintage rugs are truly authentic and might show some irregularities or signs of wear. We will endeavor to provide all the information we can about condition of the rug so you know exactly what you are getting. However, we want you to be delighted with your purchase, so if you are not completely happy, you may exchange within 7 days of purchase- provided that it is returned in its original condition. In order to return an item, please contact us within seven days of your purchase. We are unable to refund any shipping fees incurred for returned items.

    When your new vintage Berber rug arrives, you should already have a good understanding of any irregularities or signs of wear, but to keep it in the best shape we recommend you carry out a regular upkeep and care plan. Throughout the day, dirt can become embedded in the thick fibres of Moroccan rugs, and so removing this dirt regularly can significantly improve its longevity.

    • At least once every week, you should shake the rug outside to remove any dust and dirt, and regularly vacuum the rug to reach more stubborn spots. Maintaining your rug in this way will slow down the aging process and be sufficient for daily use as wool is generally self-cleaning, especially when hung outside in fresh air to help disperse odors.
    • Your rug might shed some fluff when you first receive it, but don’t worry! This is just the excess fibres that were not incorporated into the yarn during the spinning process, and as you vacuum the rug this fluff will slowly lessen and leave you with a rug in perfect condition.

    Any spills will require fast attention.

    • Before a stain can dry, immediately blot it with a towel and warm water, and avoid rubbing too hard as this can damage the fibres.
    • If you’d like to get your rug professionally cleaned, avoid any ‘in-house’ services, and seek an ‘off-site’ clean with a trained professional, as this is the best way to guarantee a controlled environment.

    Finally, remember that every 1-2 years you should rotate your rug to ensure even wear.

    If you need any further support, then we’re always on hand to provide advice!

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    Based in Taroudant, Morocco, our small team of dedicated curators travel extensively around Morocco and beyond Marrakesh souk to find the rarest and most beautiful Moroccan rugs to add to our collection. We are passionate about preserving traditional practices and supporting local artisans by providing them with an opportunity to share their designs with an international audience with rugs woven using ancestral carding, shearing, and dyeing techniques. We go above and beyond to ensure each rug has its own unique character, texture and pattern that may never be replicated again.