The Art of Berber Women


One-of-a-kind Hand-Knotted Tribal Moroccan Rugs

Tradition & Modernity

We specialize in one-of-a-kind heirloom Berber rugs from rural Morocco. From highest quality vintage collection pieces, to contemporary creations and custom designs. All our rugs are woven by hand using ancestral techniques of carding , paining and dyeing . Equitably sourced directly from weavers and women’s cooperatives.
Bring a piece of the “authentic” Morocco into your home.

Old World Meets New


Tent cushions display the most intricate Berber weaving and feature ancient geometric patterns. These Unique vintage Moroccan decorative double sided cushions are the perfect pieces to create a lovely serene setting in any room.

Very Rare Collection of Moroccan Berber Handknotted Rugs
We're proud to introduce our collection of one-of-a-kind rare Berber rugs sourced from Moroccan regions
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Up to 20% - On Sale Collection of Moroccan Bebrer Rugs
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How Moroccan Berber Rugs are Made - Moroccan Carpets weaving process
passion & craftsmanship
100% Handmade rugs using ancestral techniques
All our rugs are handmade.
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Morocco Collection - Our Showroom in Taroudannt, Morocco. Large Collection of One-of-a-kind Berber Rugs

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El Nouwayel, Ahmer Laglalcha

Taroudannt, 83000, Morocco

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